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I am a devoted teacher and student mentor. I take great care in cultivating classroom learning that is active, engaged, inclusive, and exciting. I follow evidence-based teaching pedagogies and am an enthusiastic supporter of classroom games and simulations to teach memorable concepts. Below are examples of courses I have taught at Fairfield University, Quinnipiac University, and Yale University.

People, Places, and Global Issues

Fairfield University

Spring '21, Fall '20

Introduction to International Studies integrating perspectives from Anthropology, Geography, Political Science, and Economics to teach about global challenges, including conservation, conflict, refugees, and citizenship.

Local Cultures, Global Issues

Quinnipiac University
Spring '20

Introduction to core ideas animating Socio-Cultural Anthropology, including the method of ethnography, the body, kinship, reciprocity, environment, engaged anthropology, and social justice..

Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Yale University
Summer '19

Introduce students to key concepts and methods of Socio-Cultural Anthropology through classic monographs and newer scholarship tied to social justice, climate change, and multi species worlds. 

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